Top 5 Services Provided By Online Gaming Merchant Account

Online gaming merchant account providers are helping the gaming websites a big way. These gaming websites are not welcome by mainstream banking system of any country. Thus, the merchant account providers come into picture to offer seamless operational support to gaming website owners. They help the site owner in various ways, such as:

  • Acceptance of debit and credit card payments

The businesses can use gaming merchant accounts to accept debit and credit card payments. The merchant account provider can offer seamless solution to gaming websites for accepting payments through debit card and credit card. There can be volumes of payments to be processed and thus, the seamless operation structure of these merchant accounts fit the business’s transactions needs perfectly.

  • Keep track of deferred and scheduled payments

The merchant account for gaming has in-built tracking system that sends personalized alerts for deferred payments and recover the dues as per agreed upon schedule. Thus, you never miss any receivable and money keeps flowing in to the business.

  • Refund management

Refunds are important part of gaming business. These need to be prompt and sometimes, there should be firm intimation about the non-liability, whenever applicable. Thus, the gaming merchant account is useful in managing refunds too.

  • Seamless payouts

People play online games to make quick money. Thus, your system should be strong enough to park the payouts instantaneously in the players’ accounts. This helps in winning customer’s confidence and in building reliable brand image too.

  • Prevent chargebacks

Chargebacks come every now and then in gaming business. The merchant accounts have mechanism to prevent undue chargebacks from taking place.

So, these are a few of the online gaming merchant account services that make them a must-have amongst such high risk business owners. These accounts work the same as a bank account and are making lives easier for the online gaming businesses.